Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bosch Beer

My newest project has been to work on a 2 page spread about a brief history of the Bosch Beer Corporation, the Copper Countries 2nd largest and most productive corporation 2nd only to the Copper Industry. It is a particular interest to me and i enjoy collecting things left behind from what it once was. i created this simple cover using the later logo of Bosch Beer that i took from a cardboard case that i have.

The wooden back ground with silk screen looking image logo i used to give a look of a warm cozy bar that sat on the edge of the highways, like so many bars that i remember as a child but only a few now are left such as Jakes Bar outside of Twin Lakes, Mi. i remember at least 2 or 3 on the way there and only that one remains now.

The quote on the bottom of the cover is from a former employee of the Bosch Brewery.

Field & Stream

For an exercise in my publications we made special edition magazine covers. we could either make our own or do an existing title. here is my Field & Stream fathers day edition. i decided to mix the new and old styles of the Field & Stream covers to make it seem more like a new magazine you could pick up off the stand but at the same time something you might find in your grandpas attic.