Thursday, June 23, 2011

100 year old plaster crucifix

I was hired to fix up an old Catholic crucifix for a church in Hancock Mi. The story behind it is that it had hung in the original Catholic church in downtown Hancock, near the first hospital and school, which were located between Finlandia's Old Main and the Hancock Middle School. The crucifix was then taken and stored in an attic, then when the Church of the Resurrection was constructed, it was re-donated and stored in their attic for 20+ years. Now they took it down and want it made presentable so that it can be hung once again for the 150th Jubilee of the Catholic Church in Hancock.

Here are some pictures what the cross looked like when I got it, and my progress to the finished thing. Later tonight or tomorrow I will have a picture of it hung in the church completely finished.

A 4 foot statue of St. Anne is next.

before-when I first got there


a little sanding

base coat
all done

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